CKLH Pillars:

  1. Systems and structural analysis for social transformation
  2. Anti-oppressive lens
  3. Community of practice & epistemic practice – students as equal participants
  4. Open scholarship
  5. Creativity and disruption in design

These 5 principles of CKLH are what roots our collective efforts in curriculum development, pedagogy, and activism.

The Community Knowledge Learning Hub(CKLH), was developed as a collaboration between the Centre for Critical Development Studies (CCDS) and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Health & Society (ICHS). The Community Knowledge Learning Hub (CKLH) allows us to establish linked, experiential learning activities in three existing senior-level undergraduate courses. The three courses and their instructors share a common commitment to critical pedagogy that is aligned with participatory community-based research and critical structural analysis. Uniting these courses will allow us to make community engaged partnerships the core of all three courses and give our students a unique opportunity to explore social issues from multi-disciplinary perspectives. The specific issues explored in each course will be based on the research priorities identified by our community partners, namely TAIBU Community Health Centre, Volunteer Toronto, and the Centre for Learning & Development Regents Park.

The courses will include modular short-course training that unite the three classes. These trainings will be led by experts in the field and will include instruction on: 

  • Ethical community engagement and cultural humility 
  • Research and social justice  
  • Critical, community based research methodologies 
  • Knowledge translation and action